Potomac RIMS Rising Risk Professional (RRP) Award

The Potomac RIMS Career Outreach Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 Potomac RIMS Rising Risk Professional (RRP) Award.  

This is the Potomac RIMS Chapter conference scholarship program, intended to fund the winner’s attendance at RIMS Philadelphia.   The winner of the Potomac RRP award is also nominated by the Chapter for the RIMS Rising Star Award

The award will reimburse up to $2,500 of the winner’s documented costs for conference registration, flights, and hotel stay. 

This Award is made possible through the generous support of Aon Risk Solutions Inc.

The award recipient will be asked to speak at a future Potomac RIMS chapter meeting about how attending the 2017 RIMS Annual Conference contributed to their career development as a rising risk professional.

Applications are posted on the Potomac RIMS website and should be completed by November 25, 2016. This deadline request is intended to make sure the award winner can be selected by the time RIMS conference registration opens.  Applications and any other documentation should be sent to admin@potomacrims.org with a subject line reference of Potomac RIMS Rising Risk Professional (RRP) Award.