About/Volunteer Opportunities

The committee is focused on building tomorrow’s risk management and insurance leaders today through continually seeking ways to:

  • engage with students and faculty at local universities to develop risk management curricula/programs and internship opportunities
  • promote participation and development of Rising Risk Professionals within RIMS at the chapter level and Society level
  • research and propose meeting topics specifically geared to the needs of risk management students and Rising Risk Professionals

In order to be focused, efficient, and provide clear direction to its volunteers, the committee is subdivided into four subcommittees and we are always looking for volunteers.  So if you are interested, please feel free to send a message to Yelena Urcia or Kathleen Crowe and we will get back to you with more details.  Note a quick description of each subcommittee below.  

  1. Scholarship Subcommittee

The Potomac RIMS Scholarship Subcommittee is adjusting the Potomac RIMS national conference scholarship program.  For RIMS San Diego (2016), the Subcommittee is focused on Rising Risk Professionals in the DC metropolitan area, and the scholarship will be framed as a chapter Rising Risk Professional Award.  The scholarship award application and selection process will take place in late fall 2015.  The scholarship award recipient will also be asked to speak at a future Potomac RIMS chapter meeting about how attending the 2016 national conference contributed to their career development in risk management. 

Time Commitment: Your time commitment would include reviewing the Potomac RIMS RRP scholarship award applications, selecting the winner, and promoting his or her active involvement with RIMS in order to maximize the value of the scholarship award dollars and to strengthen the Society at the chapter level.

     2. Mentorship Program Subcommittee

The program's objective is to enhance risk management experience by linking risk managers to newcomers to the field or those interested in broadening their expertise.

Time Commitment: Your time commitment would include reviewing the Mentorship applications and helping to pair the mentees and mentors along with following-up with the program participants throughout the length of the program.

     3. Rising Risk Professionals Subcommittee

The goals of this subcommittee are:

  • Identify new members of the risk management and insurance industry within the Washington DC metro region.
    • Invite and encourage membership to the Potomac RIMS and its events.
    • Create opportunities for these individuals to network and learn within the greater RIMS community.

    Time commitment:  1-2 hours per month in addition to RIMS event attendance to meet and network with the Rising Risk Professionals.

         4. College Student Involvement Subcommittee

    This subcommittee will focus on developing relationships with schools in the Washington DC metro area along with schools that have pre-established risk management programs in the nation.  Coordination between Potomac RIMS members and these universities will allow for more internship opportunities and larger networking availability for students expected to graduate with a degree in risk management and/or insurance.  The Potomac RIMS website will also be used as a portal for faculty at Universities to direct their students so they can apply for internships/apprenticeships/jobs available from our membership and participate in Potomac RIMS events as and when available.

    Time commitment:  1-2 hours per month which may increase during the Spring when aggregating and uploading information for internships and jobs.